A little late, but still mind-blown

When I saw my mom watching The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen ten years ago, I just thought “oh what a lame ripoff of X-Men”. Hey, I was fourteen! I did not know much about nineteenth century literary characters.

Fast forward ten years later when I had a couple of professors who were so enthusiastic (okay, maybe obsessed, but I mean that in a positive way!) about Victorian culture and literature, I got an overview about the amazing works made in that period. So amazing, they’re pretty much considered classics today. Authors I was familiar with were alive and working in the Victorian era.

Bram Stoker, R.L. Stevenson, the Brontë sisters, Oscar Wilde, H.G. Wells, George Eliot, Charles Dickens, Lewis Carroll… I imagine a convention of all these authors in one roof. And my heart flutters at the thought. But of course, I idealize it.

And I digress.

The movie The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen was on MovieTime (or was it some other cable channel, I’m not sure), and I heard the names of the characters. Mina Murray (Dracula). Dorian Gray (The Picture of Dorian Gray). Doctor Henry Jekyll (The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde). Professor Moriarty (The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes).

Someone imagined Victorian literary characters into an Avengers-like team. Obviously, Dr Jekyll is the beloved Hulk. Every team needs a big guy-slash-genius.

Unfortunately the movie wasn’t very good. It lacked depth, as if it depended on the mere awesomeness of the characters. I wish it were done better, because the idea of bringing these characters together is brilliant.

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