Guilty pleasure.

Oh, reality TV.

I secretly watch it in the safety of an empty house. Or when I’m locked in my room. Any moment someone comes within hearing distance of the show, I switch channels like it’s porn. My family would definitely disapprove of my enjoyment of reality TV.

Of course I know it’s fake. Movies and series are fake too, but that doesn’t stop it from being entertaining. I only watch Real Housewives of Beverly Hills though, and none of the other RH shows. I tried, but only the RHOBH drama was doing it for me.


Yep. A middle-aged Mean Girls. Mean Girls on Menopause ? LOL But you get the idea. Someone stirs up drama, and some sister steals her other sister’s goddamn house (fucking Kyle), or you know someone trying to make Munchausen happen.

They have real #richpeopleproblems, which gets hilarious for me because I am sitting in front of my tv eating instant noodles after a lunch shift at the restaurant, and Lisa worries her miniature horse (no, not pony) won’t be able to fit in the plane and the limo to get to her mansion.

Plus, it’s a source for the some golden shade and handy reaction gifs.




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