I’ve been trying to eat healthy since I noticed I am gaining my gut back. 😦 The amount of junk food in my house since the holidays is ridiculous. The Lays chips just call out to me.

Same, Erika… SAME.

I’ve been the house cook for quite some time now. Not because I’m good at it. My sister is way better in the kitchen than I am. I mostly make dinner for the family so we don’t have to order Chinese take-out, or Popeye’s, or the rotisserie chicken from the Superstore.

After the endless pasta last year, and the never-ending baked chicken variants few weeks ago with the occasional beef, I finally opted for baking fish. (Not really opted, more like ran out of other meat and did not want to go out and buy more chicken.)

Looks healthy? Okay, maybe the quinoa isn’t gonna help bring my gut down (since it’s apparently not that good for you as you’d expect…), but whatever, I did not feel bloated like I would have with rice.

So, kind of copying that one seafood dish I like at work, I made a baked white fish with kale sautéed in lemon vinaigrette and quinoa. My family was either starving, or I did not make enough because there weren’t any leftovers.

My love affair with kale is still going on. I’ve had it with my baked chicken, and I’ve made tabouleh (which is a very handy recipe for nights I need to make a quick meal). Now, I’m off to find more recipes on Pinterest.

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