Is it spring yet?


Okay, it’s not that freezing anymore, but I was born and raised in a tropical country, and my body was not used to Canadian winter (it still isn’t).

Granted it isn’t -30 like it was last weekend, I should be thankful right? The weatherman said we’ll have warmer temperatures ahead. But that just means it will be warmer than expected. Like -7 to 1 on a good day.

But being the optimist that I am, I wore a light sweater and a leather jacket today. STUPID, I KNOW. I thought that’s what the weatherman meant when he said warm. Bless Toronto for the PATH, and also the bridges that connected the buildings of my campus. The people in parkas looked at me like I was nuts. Yes. Yes, I was, obviously. I realized my mistake while waiting for my train to arrive, and it was too late to go home and grab my parka.

Lesson learned. I’m going back to checking the weather app before leaving my house every day (in hopes of seeing a stable temperature above 10 degrees).


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