Last friday, CBC released this article about the four popular restaurants in Canada. The place I work at is on the list (yay!), but their topic was not very friendly.

They were attacking the dress codes of these restaurants, as they tend to lean towards sexual and provocative attire. I’ve had a similar talk with some relatives during the holidays, when they told me about their experience at one of these restaurants.

“Her skirt was short! And her breasts were showing!” I remember my aunt telling me. I wasn’t fazed because I know exactly what she was talking about. Even though it wasn’t at my location specifically, this “dress code” is common.

“You better not be dressed like that!”

Luckily, at my work, it isn’t that bad. Last year, we got a notice we can actually wear heels as low as half an inch! Almost everybody got new shoes. Serving tables in heels in a nightmare for your feet! (And I got the bunions and calluses to prove it). Everyone got new shoes, except of the boys. They didn’t have to change anything. Their’s is simple and straightforward: button-up shirt, pants, dress shoes.

No hair and makeup either. For us girls: doesn’t matter if you work in the dining room or the lounge. Doesn’t matter if it’s a lunch or dinner shift. You gotta get that “evening look” on. There are times I spend an hour doing my hair and makeup to get ready for work.

I only learned how to put on eyeshadow and liquid eyeliner after a month in the restaurant industry. I learned how to use a curling wand (and not get burnt)! I also got comfortable with wearing lipstick. The only days I wear makeup is only for work and going out. The latter rarely happens now, since I’ve been working doubles and trying harder in school.

Honestly, the only reason I got a bit bummed for getting cut early than I expected (in the snap above) is I USE MAKEUP FROM SEPHORA. They don’t sell cheap stuff! So yeah, I was sad. For a moment. Then after a couple selfies and snaps, I was ready to go bare-faced again. Wiping makeup off feels like the freedom you get from taking off your bra after a long day.

Nothing beats taking your heels off, after you’ve done hundreds of laps in the restaurant while carrying trays and plates and everything in between.

Unfortunately, guys will never know these three feelings on a regular day.

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