Happy International Women’s Day!

The bookworm in me thought about my top three favourite novelists (and fellow INTJ women): Jane Austen, Ayn Rand and Sylvia Plath. These women inspire writers and thinkers out in the world, and women like them deserve to be recognized, AND NOT ONLY AFTER THEIR DEATH.

Image: Jane Austen

But I mainly want to talk about Austen because I’m reading two of her novels for two different courses this semester.

Sure, like other women I was drawn to Austen because of the romance in her works. Only when I was around 20, I began to appreciate the humour, satire and parodies woven into almost every chapter.

Unfortunately, not everyone gets the sass in Pride & Prejudice. Everyone’s too caught up with Mr. Darcy to notice the little crumbs of genius in her work.

And that is the thing with women, in the past and in the present. Some women who give off brilliance and strength are only seen as passionate. It’s like taking Pride & Prejudice as a romance novel, and not considering the social commentary on Georgian society’s view on inheritance, hierarchy and women. It’s like saying Lizzy Bennett is an empowering heroine, but forgetting that she is still prejudiced and sometimes an unreliable narrator. Yes, she is a notable character because she does not intend to conform to societal norms.

Also, labelling women as “bitches” when they stand up for themselves is not fair. 

If anyone calls you a bitch though? See it like Kimmy does, A COMPLIMENT.

Not only do bitches give birth to precious little puppies, but bitches GET SHIT DONE.

Special shoutout to my ladies out there kicking ass every day, and putting food on the table! Whether you shake your ta-tas or sit on your ass, you do you and get that money!

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