POV: wine

Coffee and tea used to give me a boost for my assignments. Now, it’s wine.


I found a buddy in a good glass of Beaujolais.

Honestly, heavy and dry reds still throw me off. I like my easy-drinking reds and sweet whites.

One bad day, I finished a bottle of sauvignon blanc and it was glorious. Unfortunately, the hangover was not as great.

I’m no wine connoisseur just like I’m no coffee enthusiast. I drink what’s available and whatever I feel like having. To be safe, I’d go with ones I’ve had before. Like, a double-double with milk or cup of earl grey tea with honey.

I just need something to drink while writing endless paragraphs about Jekyll/Hyde, Emily Brontë, or why touring and travelling aren’t the same (three topics I’m juggling for three different courses).

Here’s to writing two pages a day to meet deadlines. 🍷


Hopefully I ace these papers, and everything after.

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