It’s 3.1416 !

Unless you’re an extreme math genius, you probably don’t know pi after 2-3 decimal places. If you do, you probably Googled it quite recently.

I did. I wanted to see if it’ll make 3.14.16 like exactly todays date. And it did, according to Google.

It’s 3.14159265, or 3.1416 if you round it up a bit.

Pi day also translates to Pie day. Or Dean’s favourite day of the year.


Grab yourself a nice slice, whether it’s pizza or apple pie. Cook it, buy it… as long as you eat it.

But don’t mistake cake as the same as pie. Pie is pie, cake is cake. Don’t go taking pictures of cakes and adding #piday, because… NO. They are two different kinds of dessert, and in leagues of their own. A slice of cake isn’t a slice of pie.

Although, for language reasons, pizza is pie. Because the word pizza translates to pie, apparently (?) I am just not sure about the source.

But whatever, have pizza for lunch and some pie for dessert !


This year may as well be the last “special” Pi day because it won’t be rounded up to 3.1416 (or 3.1415 for others like last year lol) for the next century. We only get one special Pi day in our lifetime.

So make it count, and don’t forget the pie !



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