Have Backpack, Will Travel.

My goal for one of my English projects is writing a full feature article about unconventional travel. As part of the assignment, I needed to interview at least one person related to my topic.

In the past week, I actually interviewed three people who travelled the world differently. No fancy all-inclusive hotels, no shuttle bus pick-ups from the airport. It took me a while to find people to interview in person, but it’s well worth it.

My cousin, currently out somewhere in Eastern Europe (I think, where is Croatia?), inspired me to write about this topic. I crave travel… I just don’t have any money to do so.

At least, I thought of it that way until I talked to my cousin about their adventures, and also I met two university students (like myself), and they spent their summer breaks travelling in exceptional places.

The best part about talking to them? In all separate interviews (and these people do not know each other), they all said the same thing. Backpacking means getting over the fear of the unfamiliar and uncomfortable.


After each interview ended, I felt this rush of energy to travel. I mean, I probably would not quit university to go backpacking, but I realized there is more than two ways to see the world.

Most importantly, you travel what ever way you want. Travel with a buddy. Explore on your own. Fly to a foreign country and meet other solo travellers to accompany you through the rest of your journey.

Don’t concern yourself too much about safety and comfort, just follow your gut and make the right decisions (i.e. don’t get into trouble, don’t join anyone you don’t feel okay with). In the end, they all gave the same advice: follow the same precautions you would take in your own city. Follow your gut and common sense.


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