Little Jolli-kitchen.

I did it again. I made another Jollibee-inspired dinner from scratch.

This is the third time I made this in the last couple months, but the previous one was much better than tonight’s.

We had so much stock beef broth, so I thought: GRAVY. And what’s good with gravy? Uhm. EVERYTHING. And one of them is Jollibee’s lil burger steak. It’s basically a burger patty covered in mushroom gravy sauce.

Unfortunately, my mom bought extra lean ground beef… so less fat made the burger a bit bland, also affecting the gravy sauce. Sure, extra lean entails a “healthier choice”, but it definitely lacks flavour and juiciness too.

Every time I whip this up, I don’t go with a “Jollibee Burger Steak Recipe”. Instead, I went along with this Swedish Meatball recipe , and just added cremini mushrooms to the gravy in the end.

Obviously, rather than rolling up meatballs, I made patties.

My mom said white button mushrooms are better with this, but I personally prefer the bolder and complex flavour of creminis, plus it holds up better in liquids.

Oh and excuse the soup-y gravy. My family likes smothering the burger in sauce. Last time, I made about half the sauce, and I heard endless complaints about how there wasn’t enough to go around and pour on the rice.

PSA: This is not the same as a Filipino bistek (or beef steak).

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