Makeup or nah..?

Please stop telling people (yes, people because guys also wear makeup and there is nothing wrong with that) to stop wearing makeup. They can do whatever the fuck they want with their face… IT’S THEIR FACE.

I wear make-up too. I’m no makeup artist, but I appreciate beautifully done eyeshadow and perfectly winged eyeliner. That shit ain’t easy, and products aren’t cheap.

A couple days ago, I looked like this. It was a good day, and I felt awesome. I had to share this little “achievement” on Snapchat, because how often do non-MUAs get eyeliner on fleek, amirite?

Then someone decided to tell me “you look better without makeup”.🙃 Damn right I do, but that’s not the case. I didn’t even ask for your opinion tbh.

Thing is, that happens to other people all the time. Some would say “women are prettier without makeup” or the opposite “you look tired/sick” when they don’t wesr any. How about saying something nice like “NICE LIPSTICK” or “EYEBROWS ON FLEEK” instead of doing that passive aggressive makeup diss ?

Makeup is art. And art takes time. People excerted effort on doing that contour you call “cakey” when it really wasn’t cakey in makeup terms.

Others feel all high and mighty for going all natural, and good for them. But don’t go shoving your ideals into someone else’s throat like you’ve got it all figured out. Nobody will win the “makeup vs no makeup” debate because both work ! There is no right or wrong answer.

And I bet you these bitches getting all judgy and claiming no makeup is better will very likely be getting their makeup done for some big event (weddings, proms, company dinners) BECAUSE IT’S NICE TO HAVE ON.

Don’t go shooting someone’s confidence down just because you don’t feel as good about yourself.

/end rant

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