Library life.

I consider the ninth floor library my second home. 95% of the books I read and cite are all in here (hello, literature section!) I’m easily annoyed when I’m working on something, so I prefer the peace and quiet of the old library as opposed to the modern and edgy SLC. It’s kinda of dark in here compared to the SLC’s 8 storeys of floor-to-ceiling windows, but I don’t have to walk too far to grab a book.

For a few months now, I’ve considered a career at the library. Not just because students and researchers need libraries for work, but for other things for the community.

They’ve been taken for granted, and it’s really sad. But think about it. If you’re working on your final essay and you wanna get away from any distractions, where do you go?

Not all coffee shops have outlets and wifi. Not all Starbucks have room. Even though they’re not open 24 hrs, you only need to spend 10 hrs max. There’s a lot less distractions in libraries, and you need those when you’re cramming for your final paper.

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