Nothing to fix here.

It’s been a while. Since the semester’s end, I’ve pretty much been working and trying to catch up with not doing  anything in my spare time. That’s pretty much just how I adult.

But there’s this one thing that’s been bothering me lately, and if I had a dollar for every time I roll my eyes after hearing numerous bullshit, I’d be able to pay off my debt and my parent’s mortgage.

“When will you get married/have kids/get a real job?”


I don’t have a problem with kids. I like babies, I think they’re adorable and precious little creatures who are probably smarter than adults who try and shove beliefs down their throats so they can fit in society. Stop pushing your pro-life beliefs on me too, please. You’re entitled to an opinion, so am I and everyone else. If I want to become a human-making machine, I will. If I want to adopt, I definitely fucking will. Family doesn’t require similar genes.


I don’t have a problem with marriage or relationships. I think they’re beautiful events and perfect to share with all your family. I just believe in how expensive divorce is, and how terrible it can be for children. Stop telling me how married life will be fulfilling, or reassuring me that my single sister will eventually find someone for her. Bitch, did I ask?


I don’t really hate my job. I make decent money as a server, and on good nights I can walk away with how much I could earn in a week. But that doesn’t mean I would want to do it forever. It fits with my schedule, and it works for me. Stop trying to tell me I should become a teacher after getting my English BA.


Stop telling me what society told you so you’d go with the norm.

There’s nothing wrong with my life, I didn’t ask for help, SO STOP TRYING TO FIX IT.

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