Help me, I’m getting old.

Okay, that’s a little dramatic… but when you wake up to see age spots actually appearing on your face BEFORE your 25th birthday, maybe you’ll freak out too. I look in the mirror at least twice in a day. I don’t really inspect my whole face and body, but I know when something’s new. And when a few things are new… I freak out.


Like that.

Also the anxiety rises when you think the new spots on your skin are signs of skin cancer. Or maybe they are, I have yet to find out because I don’t like seeing my doctor.

But I obviously went up to my mom about it, and just looking at her made me realize this it’s because of our genes. All the beauty marks, freckles and moles… I am actually turning into my mother.

The dark spots are just superficial, hopefully… but I’m still trying my luck with some lemon juice and tea tree oil and see if it somehow clears up.

Oh man, maybe I do need to call my doctor? Ugh.

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