Coffee, like a Gilmore.

This morning, I visited my new study spot near school. My sister introduced me to this place last spring, after complaining about one horrible Starbucks experience. A couple people who work there already know me by name, and even remember “my usual”. I feel special. Is this how it feels to be a regular? LOL

I’ve been going to Infuse a lot now, that I’ve met the owners and actually know them by name. Kinda feeling like Lorelai whenever she goes to Luke’s (only, Infuse doesn’t open until 10am, so I have to get Timmies to wake me up for my 8am classes)


While feelin’ like Lorelai, I notice a sign that looked like this by the entrance. Apparently, it’s Luke’s Diner Day on October 5th, and 200 North American coffee shops are participating by offering FREE COFFEE for a limited time, for the 16th anniversary of Gilmore Girls‘ airdate. I also see it as some sort of pre-celebration for the upcoming release of show’s Season 8-slash-reboot.

To find the nearest Luke’s Diner on the 5th, visit this link.

P.S. I’m still Team Jess (even if all the “teasers” suggest an endgame for Team Logan).






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