Back from the dead.

School is back. Which means: no more 35+ hour work weeks (thank the Heavens!)

It also means readings upon readings, and essays upon essays, every week. My only complaint is work still asking me for more hours, when I want to allot some time for schoolwork. I’m determined to improve my GPA, and possibly improve it if I can, so every year I try something different when it comes to my study methods. Last year, I decided my 50 min train ride would be good for catching up on required readings, not sleep. A few months ago, I figured I’d do a combination of handwritten notes and Evernote.

This year, I’ve figured I’d break one of my book-loving rules, and actually mark up my texts. Even if it’s a novel. Ugh, it hurts to even think about it. But it does make it easier to find examples for discussion.

I don’t really plan on selling any of my books after each course. Especially when it’s a good novel. Heck, most of the novels I bought for my English courses are on my shelves. They could be worth a day’s lunch, but I can’t do it.

On top of that, I broke my “broke student budget” and actually bought a $125 hardcover book for a class, and started marking it up like a proper nerd.

I can’t believe I’m doing this. I really hope it’s worth it.

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