‘Narcos’ probably more addictive than the drugs on the show

Wagner Moura blessed our screens again as the infamous Pablo Escobar. Everybody knows how the hunt ended, and those who don’t are just a short Google search away from finding out.

So does this promo poster foreshadow an eventual demise this season?

Image: Netflix

Compared to Season 1, Season 2 of Narcos moved at a slower pace, and focused more on Pablo’s downfall and his empire’s collapse. It showed how morally skewed everyone is: Pablo for preserving his empire to protect his family, and the government for ignoring the lesser evils to catch the biggest one. Lost of innocents died just because they were caught in the crossfire.

It got really messed up as soon as the Los Pepes arrived in town. Nobody was safe anymore, not even children, or DEA agents. (And I was really scared they’d kill Pedro Pascal’s character-his dead as Oberyn was enough for me!)

Although there were a good lot of new characters, like the crazy Castaño Brothers, and dear ol’ loyal Lìmon, some things stayed the same. The bits of real-life photos to support the plot, and Murphy’s narration to explain the nature of things down in Colombia at that time. To be honest, it annoyed the hell out of me back in Season 1. It seemed over done, like he was over-sharing. Maybe he didn’t narrate as much this season, I can’t tell… but it wasn’t irritating anymore.

The ending was expected. However, watching Escobar through the entire season slowly deteriorate, it still felt dejecting. Wagner Moura did well in playing a doughy, stoic character who cared for his family. He’ll be missed.

Despite the death of the drug kingpin of Colombia, Narcos has been contracted for two more seasons. Thanks to the very American Hollywood ending, we know Peña’s back in the hunt.

Image: Netflix

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