Better than leggings or sweats?

Last spring, when Josh and I went to J.Crew, he found a comfy pair of dressy joggers, so he bought it in all the colours. I scoured the entire women’s section that same day and didn’t find any for myself. I was jealous. Then a week later, one of my coworkers walked in wearing the Lululemon Studio pants. But they cost $100! I’ve checked Urban Outfitters, Topshop, and even Ardene and Forever21, just trying to find something similar.

And bless the heavens for Uniqlo.

The new store opened up at Eaton Centre about three or four weeks ago. Since it was right beside my school, nothing stopped me from checking it out. I was about to leave empty-handed until I strayed to the back corner of the store to find these denim jogger pants. I FOUND THE LAST PAIR FOR MY SIZE TOO! It just screams: “meant to be,” doesn’t it?

I mean. Look at these.

Comfortable like a pair of Roots sweats!

Okay, maybe not as comfy, but what it lacks in loungy-ness, it makes up for in dressy-ness. AND IT HAS THREE POCKETS. Ladies’ pants are not always blessed with pockets.l. For $40, they’re pretty much perfect! I’ll probably go back again to grab two more pairs.


Also, yes, I am a Slytherin. Pottermore official, not through some random BuzzFeed quiz.


I find it double official because Pottermore sorted me back into Slytherin after the beta period. Unfortunately, it also gave me a fucking cat for a Patronus… Oh well, life isn’t fair. I guess I’ll just let Dementors take my soul.

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