Bitch, please.

Why, bitch?


The funny thing about insults is that it tells more about the person giving them than the person it’s aimed at. When I call someone stupid, it implies that I think myself smarter than they are. But am I, really?

Today, I was called a “bitch” twice on two separate occasions. First, for walking past and refusing to entertain someone handing out Black History Month fliers (something they’ve been doing every month). Second, for riding along the bike lane, instead of the sidewalk.

I smiled both times. I remember Kimmy’s response to being called one back in Season 1.


But really, I smiled because they made such a big deal over such a small thing. Like, what the fuck did I do wrong? They emphasized the “b” in the word-that’s when you know it’s meant to be derogatory. I had no idea my passive presence of just going about my day can rile someone up and say such a strange insult-slash-compliment.

Obviously, it caught me off guard. It’s partly the reason I thought it was funny. I’m minding my own business and worrying about the essays I have due this month, then someone distracts me with “bitch.” But after a moment or two it didn’t faze me anymore. I work in the restaurant industry; I deal with snobby, think-they’re-better-than-you types of people… people who see me as their bitch because I serve them. It makes them feel better to see people like me as inferior, and my part-time job made me realize how common those people are.


Say it like you mean it. Say it with your chest! And the way you say it indicates what you mean.

If you think about it, people call women bitches when they get aggressive, stand up for themselves, or simply just assert their own individual authority. Back in older times, it used to be “witch,” and they burned them alive to prove a point.


People call men bitches when they seem “whipped” or “scared,” or simply exhibit some emotion for someone or themselves. Anyone who whines is “a little bitch.” You’re “somebody’s bitch” if you submit to their authority. It’s meant to be an insult, but is it really?

There may be an “I” in bitch, but there’s also a “U” in cunt.


There is magic with words, and that’s the beauty of it. A word can mean whatever you want it to mean. One word carries multiple meanings, that’s why we go enjoy playing with puns. Look up homographs. Think about why people say “literally” or “figuratively.”

In that same way, a single person embodies diversity within. And I guess that’s what frustrates people-trying to put a label on someone that can’t be classified into just one.

I can’t be reduced to a single word-unless it’s my name. That’s the only label I answer to.

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