Fifteen Dogs

I’m late to the train, I know. I recently started reading Fifteen Dogs by Andre Alexis. One of my friends gave a quick synopsis of the book a while back, but I’ve forgotten, so I bought a copy during a recent trip to Chapters.

As soon as I’ve finished the first chapter, this is what I did:


I may not have thrown it out of the window, but I threw it off the bed, furious. What kind of Lord of the Flies bullshit is this? I thought. I bought this book in hopes of reading something uplifting, because dogs happen to be the focus of the novel. If you know me, seeing a dog anywhere (usually casually enjoying his or her walk) simply makes my day. If I want dogs dying, I’d rewatch Game of Thrones.

Also, fifteen? It should have been ten. Because that’s how many were left after chapter one. Or maybe it’s nine. There should have been a count down.

Human intelligence is both a blessing and a curse, that’s all I can say now. I’ll write a better review when I actually finish the book. Feelings aside, I like how Alexis’ approach on intelligence, and how he’s depicting it. It’s harsh and cruel, but still poetic.

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