Cooking with wine.

The chicken in our fridge is about to go bad, and we finished last night’s leftovers during lunch, so I had to come up with something for dinner. I remembered I bought some sun-dried tomatoes a couple weeks ago, so naturally I went on Pinterest to find a recipe that involves chicken breasts and sun-dried tomatoes.

I found the recipe here.

I made a few mods to the recipe though. I used almost twice the amount of chicken (no point in wasting protein), doubled up on the garlic because I LOOOOOVE cooking with it, and added half a cup of grana padano because I like the parm-mozza blend in my sauce.

During the entire process, naturally, I had music on and a glass of wine. It makes cooking so much better.

The smell of the sun-dried tomatoes and garlic was heavenly. It also looked like bacon…

This is where making white pasta sauce always gets tricky. There’s no tomato pasta make it thick enough. It’s always “watery” at the start… sometimes even 10 minutes after adding the cheeses. Usually I add a bit more cheese, but if I feel like it’s already too much, I add a bit of cornstarch. I eye-ball it 90% of the time.

My sister wasn’t very happen when I used all of her spinach, but it made the dish look 5x better! No regrets. HA!

Surprisingly, this dish turned out 10x better than the last time I tried cooking with sun-dried tomatoes. Last time, it got all curdly and nasty, but it tasted fine. Aesthetically… not so much.

Also, by the end of it, I finished my glass of wine.


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