I gave up my resolution for Lent.

Remember when I declared finishing Tolstoy’s War & Peace (by reading one chapter a day) my one and only 2018 goal? Well…

I am about 350 pages behind on my reading.

Right now, I’m (jokingly) calling it as giving up my one and only resolution for Lent. I’m not even religious anymore, so it was a terrible joke to tell my traditional Asian parents to say the least. Sure, I pray from time to time because it’s therapeutic… but I haven’t gone to church in years. Not even for Christmas. Or New Year’s. So if that even counts as a thing to give up for Lent… no? I’m going to Hell? Yeah. I already know.

Anyway…I had a bit of a messy February. I didn’t intend to drop the ball on my reading but I got quite distracted, had a little (too much) fun, and even got behind on most of my school work. Right now, I am simply counting down the weeks until the semester’s over, while still trying my best to pass. Keyword: Pass. No longer shooting for an ‘A’ like I was before… it’s a massive change from how I was in the past semesters. Now I am just doing the bare minimum…

Graduation is the only thing in my head right now because it signifies freedom. When it comes, I can finally do other things without feeling guilty.

While other people assume I read a lot since I am an English major, they have no idea that I do not. I mostly skim the pages, and don’t actually understand what’s going on. If I was reading for fun, it would be different though…

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