Reading on purpose

In my four years of undergrad, I read (but mostly skimmed) through 10-12 books every semester. That’s at least 20 books in eight months! Granted I didn’t really understand the books because I had to be a speed-reader, otherwise I’d be behind on other readings. Not that I could keep up with those either – no, mostly I skimmed through it all just so I have an idea of what it’s about. I didn’t want to (always) be clueless when I walked into class.

But with school done, and finally getting more free time, I figured I should go back to reading for fun. My bookshelf is practically a graveyard of books I thought of reading but never did. My excuse was school.

I have no excuse now.

Having to take the train to the city every day gives me the time to read, which I probably wouldn’t do if I was at home. The hour I have to spend sitting in the train doesn’t feel like a waste of time if I could at least read through a few dozen pages.

Although I have to admit, it took a while before I got out of the speed-reading habit I developed in university. I had to somehow pretend I was reading aloud without actually reading aloud since I always sit in the Quiet Zone. I find it easier to read when I don’t hear people talking around me.

So far, I’m a third of the way into my fourth book of the year, which is pretty good knowing my previous record of ZERO per year (not counting the books I had to read for school, not for fun). I didn’t even get to finish War and Peace last year since I got stuck midway around Springtime and was too lazy to pick it up after the summer.

I just have to fight the urge of buying new books when I have a shelf full of one novels waiting to be read…

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