Keeping track with bullets

Toward my last year of uni, I kept track of all my work with a proper planner. For some reason, it was better to have it written down than just in my phone’s calendar. Even if it was essentially the same thing, something about actually writing it down and being able to open up to a page and see everything that needed to be done was easier.

It also made me feel a lot more productive. When I had to write daily goals that helped me build 8-, 10- or 12-page essays, it kept my procrastination to a minimum. It also allowed some room for slacking. I didn’t feel guilty about watching a couple episodes of Jane the Virgin since I finished a 7-page draft

I don’t have any big deadlines anymore, but I still wanted to have a planner in my life. But what should I even keep track of?

Then I saw someone’s story with the caption: “bullet journals are life”. So I asked Google what in the world is a bullet journal, and I sat here mildly dumbfounded that I didn’t know about this before. This could have been more useful in my last semester instead of the multiple mini-weekly planners I had that was a mess.

Beginning with small steps, I started keeping track of errands and chores. It’s silly to think of tracking mundane tasks like doing laundry or remembering to pack a lunch for work. But I already keep track of my period – including mood swings and cravings – so what’s different in tracking more of my day?

It makes it easier for me to have an overview of how my week is supposed to look like and also how it was if I’m looking back.

I like to plan ahead. I still enjoy spontaneity, but planning gives me more structure to my week. Planning allows me to budget my money too! Since I plan out when I’d buy groceries then pack a lunch some days during the week, it stops me from mindlessly eating out.

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