I remember standing at the edge of that cliff with you, my fingers interlaced with yours. With the breeze blowing against us and messing up your hair, I giggled as you struggled to fix it, until you gave up. You looked at me with those eyes, blue as the clear sky above and deep as the ocean below us, smiling at me silly. You kissed my forehead, then I moved to rest my head on your chest for a moment. I could hear your heart racing as fast as mine.

‘I love you,’ you told me, and that was more than enough. As terrified we both were of heights, and as horrified we were of making the jump… it felt a lot less daunting with you by my side. We were going to jump together, at the count of three.


My entire body was shaking. I took a deep breath in and closed my eyes.


‘You’re stuck with me,’ you said. You held my hand tighter and I squeezed it back. You smiled at me reassuringly.


We’ve got each other. I’m yours, and you’re mine. I’m committing to this choice as I’m committing myself to you. I’ll support you in whatever you do, and I know you’d do the same for me.


I leaped off the ground. I laughed as the wind took my breath away. But suddenly I realized your hand was no longer with mine as I fell. I looked back, and for a moment I see you standing there looking at me, face full of apology and regret.

Everything turned black. Waves of pain and betrayal took over my body.

It felt like I was drowning. I couldn’t breathe. The currents moved in all directions, tearing my limbs apart. I had nothing to hold on to. I didn’t know which way to go.

You should have been here with me. You promised. We could have helped each other up, beyond the current, back ashore.

// another unfinished piece xx

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