hooked on a new hobby.

After a couple of months into the whole self-isolation / quarantine / social distancing reality, I decided to try and pick up a new hobby that could potentially benefit more than myself. Out of almost an impulse – perhaps a quick Google search one evening – I’ve decided crochet will be the new thing.

I bought a couple balls of cheap yarn and a set of hooks from Michaels, and tried to follow some videos. Practiced for a few hours a night to get my tension and my movement right, learned a few basic stitches, and made it a goal to create some small things for the home to save on some money.

Coasters. Dishcloths. Rags. Hotpads. Those were on the list of little projects I wanted to make. I justified buying a bunch of new cotton yarn for a few dollars and compared it to buying a set of fancy coasters for $20+ or an oven mitt for $10. One ball of cotton yarn was only $2-$4 and I could make a few small projects from one ball. And I got to practice new stitches on each new project.

After three hotpads, 4-5 dishcloths, 4 rags, 5 reusable swiffer covers, and a whole load of little coasters (a few of which I gave away as gifts because they’re super cute to just keep to myself), August started to fade away. September meant Christmas was coming.

I wanted to challenge myself with something new. Crochet Christmas presents: blankets, scarves, shawls, and perhaps a hat or two.

To keep it simple, the first big project was to make a lap blanket using this pattern. It was simple enough to follow and build on while I crocheted with the TV on every evening. This became a routine after dinner. Once everything was done, I pour myself a cup of tea, throw on an episode of reality TV or a documentary, and start hooking.

It wasn’t without mistake though. Almost every night I had to re-do a two rows because I realize I missed a few stitches. At first, it was only twenty minutes of work gone. But when the project was growing, each round row eventually took more than 45 minutes to over an hour.

After three weeks and three cakes of yarn, I finished the lap blanket.

And in true obsessed fashion, I picked up the next cake and started a new project with a new pattern.

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