by the blood of the gods!

For a few weeks, I have occasionally witnessed my boyfriend’s journey through the game Hades. It was interesting to see how this game reimagined Greek gods and goddesses and how they were integrated to a game. While I crocheted, working on a scarf I was making for my mom, I would blurt out random useless Greek mythology trivia at him. Trivia that I started learning as early as second grade because I learned of the origins of my own name.

Coupled with a bias towards Disney’s Hercules, my obsession with mythology began. After exhausting the well-known Greek myths, I tried learning about the Roman myths. After all, Aurora was my Greek goddess’ Roman equivalent, and Aurora was also the name of Disney’ Sleeping Beauty. Useless info for someone who isn’t me, sure, but 8-year-old me thought that connection was cool as hell.

But I got bored of the Roman stories and gods. The Greek gods were like Marvel and the Romans were DC. *shrug*

Anyway, back to the show. Hades (the game) put me on a Greek myth mood and Netflix released Blood of Zeus just in time. (spoilers ahead, btw)

It was like an animated telenovela featuring Greek mythology drama. It was like the stories of Hercules and Castor & Pollux got mixed in, with a touch of Seven Deadly Sins and Pacific Rim. You got the demon-infected gray-skinned dude. You got the kaiju-esque demon monsters. The twins separated at birth. The unfaithful god-king Zeus and his scorned goddess wife, jealous of the attention given to such a sweet, martyr, mortal woman.

Animated by the same people who brought us Castlevania, it definitely has the same style of animation. It also uses the same stylistic horror and gore, although not as much.

We finished the show in about three evenings. Eight twenty-minute episodes. I would have binged it in one night, but I have been told to take my shows in moderation to make the entertainment last longer. Also makes it easier to digest some things and nerd out a little extra when you get little easter eggs like Zeus turning into a swan and impregnating a queen, who eventually gives birth to twins with different fathers.

Overall, it was an interesting little show. Some moments were forgettable, but that can be said with a few Netflix shows. Some plot points felt useless or it didn’t have the gravity they were hoping for. Like that scene with the mist where everyone was told “don’t look back”.

Also, I feel for Hera. She’s been portrayed as this evil woman who fucks with her husband’s bastard children. Yes, I get it, they’re the proof and product of her husband’s infidelity. The woman has 100% right to be enraged. But she needs to redirect her anger towards Zeus and stop hurting these mortals.

Just like the rest of the show’s animation, she was beautifully animated. That thick, luscious braid. The nice purple tones. She’s majestic. Unfortunately, since she’s based on a Greek myth, she was flat just like the rest of the other characters and the story itself.

Yes, the story felt flat. The “plot twists” were predictable, but sure, I guess if it’s going for Greek myth, we all know how those things end. However, the tragedies didn’t feel too compelling.

4/5 show. Loved the animation and the style and the colours – oh the colours and skin tones!-, but wasn’t too impressed with the story itself.

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