what happened to her?

The year began and ended with loss. She lost her youthful naïveté. She lost her hopes of a career promotion in the timeline she planned. She lost her blissful ignorance when it came to her own health. She lost her trust in her own body. She lost people she thought were her friends. She lost her partner and her lover. She lost the place she called home. She lost the dream of a future she thought she’d have, a new future she tried to dream of after the illness took the old dream away.

The year began and ended with grief. She mourned her hopes for a “normal” life. She mourned her dream of a carefree future. She mourned the relationships that the disease corrupted. She mourned the person she once was, the person who died with the disease.

The year began and ended with tears. Tears that flowed because of pain. Of suffering. Of exhaustion. Of joy. Of hope. Of dreams.

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