no more waiting

I’ve had a list of things I wanted to do for celebrations. Like a potential bachelorette party or milestone birthday or a celebration for something else. After everything that has happened, I don’t feel like waiting on those milestones to happen. I can just make it happen when I want to.

Why wait for a bachelorette party weekend to hit up wineries with my friends? Why wait for my 35th birthday to go to a paint lounge? Why wait for some potential pre-wedding event to wear a special dress and take photos at a beautiful garden or flower farm? Why wait for a partner to go on vacation with? Fuck waiting.

I used to think these milestones and these occasions will be what makes the event special, and as a consequences, the “special date” makes the memories significant. Don’t all days have the potential to be memorable?

These places I want to go to are open for the season. I just need to book a date, hope the weather cooperates, and drive to wherever it is with my friends. I can do all of these in this year if I’m being ambitious.

The only things I’ll have to wait on are probably finding a date that works for all the people I want to go with, and having enough money to spend on these places. The milestone is making memories now, no matter the date.

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