It’s Tolkien Reading Day!

March 25th is Tolkien Reading Day! So to celebrate the brilliant writer, poet, philologist, professor, and creator of the magnificent world of Middle Earth, I’d like to share one of the quotes I love most from The Fellowship of the Ring:

ICYMI, the quote is a variation of the same song that Bilbo sings during his journey back to the Shire in The Hobbit, then he sings it again Continue reading “It’s Tolkien Reading Day!”

Bitch, please.

Why, bitch?


The funny thing about insults is that it tells more about the person giving them than the person it’s aimed at. When I call someone stupid, it implies that I think myself smarter than they are. But am I, really?

Today, I was called a “bitch” twice on two separate occasions. First, for walking past and refusing to entertain someone handing out Black History Month fliers (something they’ve been doing every month). Second, for riding along the bike lane, instead of the sidewalk. Continue reading “Bitch, please.”

Coffee, like a Gilmore.

This morning, I visited my new study spot near school. My sister introduced me to this place last spring, after complaining about one horrible Starbucks experience. A couple people who work there already know me by name, and even remember “my usual”. I feel special. Is this how it feels to be a regular? LOL

I’ve been going to Infuse a lot now, that I’ve met the owners and actually know them by name. Continue reading “Coffee, like a Gilmore.”

In need of some Hakuna Matata

I’ve finally come to terms with the possibility that I have some form of anxiety. The past month had been the busiest I’ve had all year because of school and work. I’ve had four days in school in a week, while I did five days of work. Woke up at 5:30 a.m. on school days, and some days coming home at 9 p.m. because work was a bit busy. A day off did not exist in my September calendar. 

I got behind my readings because I tried to hustle some shifts. BAD IDEA. Continue reading “In need of some Hakuna Matata”

Back from the dead.

School is back. Which means: no more 35+ hour work weeks (thank the Heavens!)

It also means readings upon readings, and essays upon essays, every week. My only complaint is work still asking me for more hours, when I want to allot some time for schoolwork. I’m determined to improve my GPA, and possibly improve it if I can, so every year I try something different when it comes to my study methods. Last year, I decided my 50 min train ride would be good for catching up on required readings, not sleep. A few months ago, I figured I’d do a combination of handwritten notes and Evernote.

This year, Continue reading “Back from the dead.”