Cooking with wine.

The chicken in our fridge is about to go bad, and we finished last night’s leftovers during lunch, so I had to come up with something for dinner. I remembered I bought some sun-dried tomatoes a couple weeks ago, so naturally I went on Pinterest to find a recipe that involves chicken breasts and sun-dried tomatoes.

I found the recipe here.

I made a few mods to the recipe though. I used almost twice the amount of chicken (no point in wasting protein), doubled up on the garlic because I LOOOOOVE cooking with it, and added half a cup of grana padano because I like the parm-mozza blend in my sauce.

During the entire process, naturally, I had music on and a glass of wine. It makes cooking so much better.

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Little Jolli-kitchen.

I did it again. I made another Jollibee-inspired dinner from scratch.

This is the third time I made this in the last couple months, but the previous one was much better than tonight’s.

We had so much stock beef broth, so I thought: GRAVY. And what’s good with gravy? Uhm. EVERYTHING. And one of them is Jollibee’s lil burger steak. It’s basically a burger patty covered in mushroom gravy sauce.

Unfortunately, my mom bought extra lean ground beef… so less fat made the burger a bit bland, also affecting the gravy sauce. Sure, extra lean entails a “healthier choice”, but it definitely lacks flavour and juiciness too.

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I’ve been trying to eat healthy since I noticed I am gaining my gut back. 😦 The amount of junk food in my house since the holidays is ridiculous. The Lays chips just call out to me.

Same, Erika… SAME.

I’ve been the house cook for quite some time now. Not because I’m good at it. My sister is way better in the kitchen than I am. I mostly make dinner for the family so we don’t have to order Chinese take-out, or Popeye’s, or the rotisserie chicken from the Superstore.

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