Space spice wars

I’m not really big into science fiction. For most of my reading life, I’ve read fantasy. Harry Potter, The Night Circus, The Hobbit, Coraline… and most of my exposure to science fiction was with popular series like Star Wars and Doctor Who.

This year I decided I should read more books for fun, and my boyfriend lent me his copy of Dune. I knew that it’s a science fiction classic – and a lot of later works in the genre draw inspiration from it. I held this massive 800-page novel in my hand and got flashbacks to my War and Peace days. It felt like I would take at least a month to get through it, after all I only read during my commute to and from work.

I wasn’t really sure I’d like the book, being aware that there is some sort of nobility/empire politics and a lot of fictional science-y stuff. I was afraid it will go over my head. The book came with a glossary in the back, but I hate flipping back and forth just to understand one thing. And since it’s sci-fi, I thought there would be a lot of made-up words part of the world-building.

But I breezed through this book in two weeks!

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